Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Storm Shawl Rising

I've been working a lot on a shawl that was started during the Women's Retreat. It's ironic that the shawl looks like a hurricane. See the difference?

I thought that it was quite amusing that my knitterly result of the retreat is turning out to look like a big storm. A portent of stormy weather to come, a warning to take cover. I should have taken heed, because of the fallout that happened, but that's another story.

I'm on the 3rd skein of the shawl and really need a 4th to make sure I get the border done with enough yarn to spare. Luckily, a couple people on ravelry have the yarn so I'm trading for a skein from someone else.

This is my progress in a nutshell:
Skein 1 - started for the women's retreat. Looked kind of weird, but I liked the yarn, liked the pattern.
Skein 2 - wow, this is a great portable project! Great for emergency knitting in my car.
Skein 3 - Hmm, going to need more yarn. Whoa, is this like, a hurricane?


Anonymous said...

Love this hurricane shawl, and how you found the perfect storm to go with it!

Cheers, Michele (MicheleLB on Ravelry)

Ami said...

Wearing it on stormy days will be a hoot! Have fun!

Tim said...


A friend of mine who is a UK knitting enthusiast pointed me at your blog. I'm a storm chaser, so travel out to the USA from time to time, and on my latest visit she asked me to pick up some wool for her. I did, and took it around on the storm chase where it got within a quarter of a mile or so of a tornado, and was also in the car under large hail and in very strong winds. On delivery back in the UK I commented that it was properly storm-experienced wool.

I am delighted, therefore, to discover that there are knitted storms! Wow!

Thankyou :-)