Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That Won't Fit in the RV

Oh no...did I do a Rip Van Winkle? Were you all waiting for me to wake up? So sorry, I must have snoozed past my alarm. Okay, seriously, I have been tired this week and haven't had time to blog. If I don't do it Sunday, it's hard to get back on track. I'll try not to make it a habit. Now, we roll.


Lately, I've been dreaming. Dreaming of something other than what my life is right now; traveling to different places, having a clean and organized home, house swapping, learning to cook Greek, foster care, spinning wheels, the list is endless. What I have been dreaming up is a new lifestyle.

Imagine this. We (my husband and I) clean up our home, sell it, then buy a great RV and travel the country. This could work! Because he works at home, he doesn't need to be any one place. At the end of the year of rambling around, we come home, buy a plot of land, continue living in our RV until we have a house built. Brilliant! My husband wasn't so excited. But, the dream lives on.

As I clean my craft room out this month (I need a forklift and a hazmat suit), I have a new mantra: "That won't fit in the RV." If I don't care enough to smoosh it into cabinets into my imaginary RV and travel around with it for a year, it's gone. So long. I now have 5 bags of yarn that are waving their little wooly ends good-bye. And I haven't even started on the other side of the room, or the closet. Yikes! I could fill an RV and call it my craft room (which isn't a bad idea, hmmm).

Where has all this stuff come from? I think that there's a clutter monster that comes into my house at night, throwing around my stuff and adding things in places that I won't find out about until I declutter. I want a simpler life, and a simpler craft life. I love going yarn and fiber shopping. So why deny the pleasure? If I can get rid of what I don't need, then when I want to make something new, I go buy the yarn or fiber! No cluttered craft room and worrying about moths.

Wish me luck.


My giveaway this week is for something a little strange. I've started a little club on my etsy shop, for the stuff that I'm getting rid of out of Rosalind's Surprise Stash Cull of the Month Club.

Each month, you will receive at least a gallon ziplock bag of Fiber & craft items which will include:
- At least 1 full skein of Yarn Shop quality yarn
- Possibly other yarns; partials, other LYS and Big Store yarns, mystery yarns, fiber
- At least one notion or fiber goodie
- Other craft items as desired
- Surprises that I think you will like

If you're already part of the club, I'll extend it for you another month.

In order to enter for this prize, please reply to this post and tell me what you are or have been dreaming about - fiber or otherwise. Post your reply by Sunday March 14th midnight, CST. I will use a RNG to pick a reply at random. You are welcome to reply more than once, but only your first reply will be entered. Good luck, and have a fun fiber week!


MadArtist said...

a loom! to weave scarves!!!! *sigh*

Ashley Farmer said...

Several things actually: There is a call for submissions for SG and I'm going to enter I think. I've been dreaming that I would make it into their mag and that would propel pattern sales.

I've also been dreaming about WM. I have the opportunity to knit for WM, and I'm super excited!!

I've also been enjoying spinning, and I dream about the possibility of a wheel, someday. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming of visiting a LYS about 35 minutes from my house. It sounds like a great shop and they even have a bargain room! Every week it's the same... other stuff comes up (like grocery shopping, or a kiddo gets sick or I have to clean house because company is coming), so I have yet to visit this shop! I keep dreaming about it, though.

~skeinofyarn on Ravelry

Feisty Muse said...

Ha! I am dreaming of a surprise! I love, absolutely love, surprises. And I don't get them often because hubby worries I won't like what he's picked so he always spoils it and tells me what he has in mind, just in case, so he can switch plans if he's failed. Which he never does .....

lurk said...

flying. over glorious poppy fields, spice markets in morocco, through yarn shops, past fabulous outdoor murals, past wild horses grazing, into candy shops, over rainforests full of birds and monkeys, and landing in a beautiful warehouse simple room full of sheer pale fabrics blowing in the breeze. (not in an airplane)

beautyredefined said...

So many fiber dreams. All these projects I have in my head, but my fingers only move so fast. Dreams of being a photographer, of restoring great-grandma's wheel and spinning my own fiber. I like having dreams.

Awesome giveaway!

Kimmy Anne said...

So many dreams! LOL... for a new job so we can finally save up enough $$ to get married. And a car so I can actually drive again!

To start exercising and eat healthier so I can lose some weight and be able to wear a pretty dress to my friend's wedding.

A loom to weave scarfs on. I became a weaving wanna be after seeing the Sheep to Shawl competition from the PA Farm Show on TV.

Samantha said...

I've been dreaming of skipping 6 years.
Skipping the last couple years of Eddie's degree, skipping the wedding, skipping the job search and the apartment search.

I've made my decisions, I want to start living them, not nailing down logistics.

Ninon said...

Hey Julie :-)

I've been dreaming of a full 24 hours all for myself. No kids, no one around, just me with me! Now that would be nice :-)

Azlynn said...

I dream of a simpler life as well. My life has taken on too much clutter and too many complications.

Above all else, fiber-wise, I dream of being able to call my little corner in the dyeing world a full time business. I dream of not having to make time for dyeing only after I'm done with my "real" job for the day, but to dye and create as my "real" job.


RachelAnderson said...

Oh, I have so many dreams, but I've decided to focus more on the good in my life, the wonderful things I have, like my hubby, and my kitties, and an awesome house, and good job ... but it's hard not to let the mind wonder sometimes.

mysteri1229 said...

I had a dream last week that I was kicking fish. I think I already told you that though.
Now I am dreaming about going to the beach, by myself (hubby can't take the time off)staying in a nice beachfront condo, knitting through the night and sleeping through the day if that is what the mood strikes me.
And kicking fish if they get in my way

Ilythya said...

I've been dreaming of having my own space. A bathroom that the kids don't walk into, a closet that I don't have to share with hubby's shirts, a craft room that is not also the office/kid's space. I just want a place that is mine, a place that I can go to relax, to knit, to read, whatever without somebody barging in or messing it up. I want my own En Gedi.

jessecreations said...

I've been dreaming of having a studio and a spinning wheel. I just want my own little creative haven where I can run off and escape the chaos of my life and knit, spin, dye, craft, etc. I've also been dreaming of a small sewing machine, because I want to be able to sew little crafty things for myself and the kiddos.


JaneMarie said...

Oh, so many dreams. How many characters do I get?

I dream of moving DS out, so I can have an indoor craft room. I already have the wallpaper picked out.

I dream of moving to a small town, and opening a toys/games/hobby store.

I dream of retiring to the country, and only going to town once a month, no store, no job, no nuffink. Just me and DH, and the chickens. And Angora bunnies.

I dream of getting off my butt and finishing my book. And living long enough to see it published.

GiGiMarie on Ravelry

Sparkee Spud said...

Last night I dreamed that some robots at a factory decided it was time for them to take over. It was creepy. There are more creepy details, though I do not wish to share them here.

Trista said...

I've been dreaming of the day my husband is finally finished with his medical training so that we can "get on with our lives." It seems like so many things have been on hold for so long and still will be for so long until he's finished.

Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming of opening an Etsy shop where I can sell my project bags and pattern tamers
-kjgon (RavID)

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Lately I've been dreaming about some of the homes I used to live in. They all seem to be falling apart in the dreams. The one this morning even had termites. Yuck. Thanks for the giveaway, I love a mystery - what will be in the bag?

Lydia said...

I'm been dreaming (an obsessing) about getting a spinning wheel. New or used, I don't care. I just want a wheel!

Janet said...

Dreaming of spring, new beginnings, and of starting a new life in a new country!


Kristen said...

My crafty dream is to learn to spin, just on a drop spindle to start. And bigger dreams are meeting Mr. Right and getting accepted to vet school.

One Sheep said...

I've been dreaming of warm weather. We've had sunshine, but it hasn't been up to snuff. It's still too cold for these old bones!

Cristi-Lael said...

I had a dream the other week that my house caught fire and all my sock yarn burned. I woke in a cold sweat! :o)

Now that we are officially a zero income family (Ron's last day was today), I'm dreaming of all the stuff we are going to be abelt o get done around the house now that he's got nothing better to do.

Yay! I love the idea of your club and here's hoping I get in. Thanks!