Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Books

My current reading situation is best described as "weeding."  I have hundreds of free ebooks on my kindle and am slowly paring them down.

On my kindle keyboard, I am going though books by author's last name, so if there's a series I have them all together.  I'm going through every book that way, whether or not I feel like looking at it.  I'm also going through my audiobooks.  They are not really consistently in order on my keyboard by author or title or even by narrator, so they'll pop up differently.

My kindle paperwhite is my recreational reader, so I'm going through books alphabetically by title.  And if I want to skip a book, I'll do that since I know I'll come across it on my keyboard.

So basically, I am reading books that at one time I thought I'd want to read later.  Later is now.  They aren't all necessarily books I want to read now, but in this way, I may discover a few treasures while getting rid of some digital clutter.

Books Read in 2018

  1. The Street of the Five Moons - Elizabeth Peters, audiobook
  2. God Loves You - Chester Blue - Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson
  3. Falling for Alaska - Shannon L. Brown
  4. Edla's Destiny - James Harold Carlson
  5. Fred's Destiny - James Harold Carlson
  6. Whispers in the Past - Lena Roach (deleted)
  7. A Tide Worth Turning - Beth Wiseman (deleted)
  8. Caroline's Love - Patricia PacJac Carroll (deleted)
  9. Rosemillion - J. Helen Elza
  10. Saratoga Letters - Elaine Marie Cooper
  11. The Greatest Thing in the World - Henry Drummond
  12. The Last of the giants - Harry Rimmer LL.D
  13. A Match for Magnolia - Marion Ueckerman
  14. Courting Disaster - Andrea Boeshaar (deleted)
  15. Corva - Merry Farmer (deleted)
  16. Come Next Winter - Deborah Dulworth (deleted)
  17. Robbie and Taron - Sheila Hollinghead
  18. Season of Love - Vivi Holt
  19. A Season of Hope - Bethany Largent
  20. Proper Attire - Danielle Thorne
  21. A Love Song for Kayla - Kimberly Rose Johnson
  22. Smoky Mountain Sunrise - Yvonne Lehman
  23. Sixth Street Love Affair - Liz Isaacson
  24. Secrets & Wishes - Kathleen Rouser
  25. Carrots - Colleen Helme
  26. Away in Montana - Jane Porter
  27. The Beloved Daughter - Alana Terry
  28. Sarai - Jill Eileen Smith
  29. Which None Can Shut - Rhema goode
  30. The Miracle of Mysteria - Lenold Below
  31. Calming the Storm - Melanie Snitker
  32. Chained - Tessa Escalera
  33. Doesn't She Look Natural - Angela Hunt
  34. Bridal Blessings - Tracie Peterson
  35. Yearning of the Reluctant Bride - Fay Sonja
  36. When I Fall in Love - Melissa Storm
  37. Time for Beauty - Charity McColl
  38. A Thousand Blessings - Lisa Heaton
  39. Fast Money - Colleen Helme
  40. She Always Wore Red - Angela Hunt
  41. A Season of Hope - Bethany Largent
  42. Mac - Sharon Srock
  43. The Nevada Badlands - Gary Jon Anderson
  44. Daughters of Deliverance - Lorry Lutz
  45. The Beloved Daughter - Alana Terry
  46. Chocolate Beach- Julie Carobini
  47. Class of 86 - R.A. Williams
  48. Covering Home - Heidi McCahan
  49. Dance With Me - Staci Stallings
  50. The Embittered Earl - Charity McColl
  51. A Father's Prayer - Linda Wood Rondeau

Didn't Finish; Deleted Forever
  1. No Place Like Home - Monica Fenris 
  2. Essential Essays by the Minimalists - Joshua Fields Millburn
  3. Most Famous Women Celebrities of India - Srinivas Ram
  4. The Mysterious Amish Suicide - Hannah Schrock
  5. The Spindle Chair - Shellie Arnold
  6. A Scarlet Cord - Deborah Raney
  7. The Pillar of Light - Anna Travis
  8. Out of Character - Molly Zenk
  9. On a Train Bound for Nowhere - Susan Leigh Carlton (interesting story, not well written)
  10. One Night in Tehran - Luana Ehlrich
  11. The New Girl - Jen Faulk
  12. A Model Bride - Autumn Macarthur
  13. Moments of Truth - Sandra D. Bricker
  14. Mercy's First Semester - W.M Bunche
  15. Mary Jerod's Daughters - Beth Coy Browning
  16. Master Potter Mountain of Fire - Jill Austin
  17. Love's Return - T.K. Chapin
  18. Love's Broken Road - Julie Coulter Bellon
  19. Live Uncaged - Mary DeMuth
  20. #METoo - Lori Perkins
  21. When Angels Cry - MaryLu Tyndal
  22. Woodcutter's Revival  Jerry Slauter
  23. The Wedding List - Autumn Macarthur
  24. Under a Texas Sky - Katherine St. Clair
  25. Two Suitors for Alice - Angelica Rose
  26. A Thousand Shall Fall - Andrea Boeshaar
  27. Tatiana - Madeline Brock
  28. The Strongest Bond - DeeJay Smith
  29. Something New - Dianne Christner
  30. Smile for Me - Jan Thompson
  31. Six Months in Montana - Pamela M. Kelley
  32. Sick at Heart - Esther Weaver
  33. Shelter - Robin Merrill
  34. The River Between - Jacquelyn Cook
  35. The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman
  36. Picture Perfect - Emily C. Reynolds
  37. The Paradise Prodigal - Anna Zogg
  38. A Packaged Deal - Paula Moldenhauer
  39. Only A Heartbeat Away - Juliana Desmond
  40. A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary - Donna Fletcher Crow
  41. Montana Rose - Mary Connealy
  42. The Lost Heiress - Roseanna M. White
  43. The Long Walk Home - Will North
  44. Leah's Peace - Sophie Dawson
  45. Intercession - Vicki Hunt Budge
  46. Dreams and Shadows - Jeffrey Collyer
  47. Born Creative - Harry Hoover
  48. The Baron's Bluncer - Susan M. Baganz
  49. The Baxters Take One - Karen Kingsbury
  50. The Billionaire Widow's Bride - Faith Crawford
  51. Break Your Busy - Richard Conner
  52. Essential Essays by the Minimalists - Joshua Fields Millburn
  53. Falling for Alaska - Shannon L. Brown
  54. Giovanna - Lorena Dove
  55. Helena's Colonel - Faith Crawford
  56. Lake Surrender - Carol Grace Stratton
  57. Leaving Liberty - Mary Jane Hathaway
  58. Maker of Rain - Amanda Williams
  59. The Man Who Was Thursday - Cheterton
  60. Most Famous Women Celebrities of India - Sirinvas Ram
  61. The Mysterious Amish Suicide - Hannah Schock
  62. Only A Hearthbeat Away - Juliana Desmond
  63. Spice Box - Grace Livingston Hill
  64. Until My Name is Known - Sonya Countreas
  65. A Soldier's Love - Natlie Dean
  66. The Sanctum - Pamela King Cable
  67. Another Valley, Another Victory - Valetta Steel
  68. Always Watching - Lynette Eason
  69. A Bridge Unbroken - Cathy Bryant
  70. Before That Night - Violet Duke
  71. Best Day Ever - Jenn Faulk
  72. Cabin by the Lake - Desiree Douglas
  73. Hearing Her Voice - John Dickson
  74. Hornets and Grace - Matthew Felix
  75. I Am a Writer - C.G Cooper
  76. The Lady of Bornekova - Sara R. Turnquist
  77. Marina - Susan May Warren
  78. The Oregon Pursuit - Jenna Brandt
  79. The Planter's Daughter - Michelle Shocklee
  80. A Prairie Heritage - Vicki Kestell
  81. The Queen's Daughters - Lorry Lutz
  82. Radar Love - Aileen Friedman
  83. Still I Will Follow - Cathy Bryant
  84. Startup Stories - Jordan Raynor
  85. Shackles - Dianne J. Wilson
  86. Seventh Dimension - Lorilyn Roberts
  87. Saffron - Cindy Caldwell
  88. Safe in His Arms - Melanie D. Snitker
  89. Rumors and Promises - Kathleen Rouser
  90. Rugged and Relentless - Kelly Eileen Hake
  91. Roanoke - Angela Hunt
  92. Retrospect - J. Hudson Taylor
  93. Accidentally Yours - Robin Helm
  94. Accounting for Love - Erin Wright
  95. After the Storm - Yvonne Lehman
  96. Altered Destiny - Sherrylynne L. Rochester
  97. An Anchor on Her Heart - Patricia Lee
  98. Angels in Our Lives - Melinda Storm
  99. Bangles to Mom - Marsha Marie
  100. Bark of the Covenant - Vicky Kaseorg
  101. Beth's Western Love Story - Mercy Levy
  102. Barely Above Water - Gail Pallotta
  103. Big Girl - Kelsey Miller
  104. Bonfires of Beltane - Mark E. Fisher
  105. Bordertown Gypsy - R.M. Snider
  106. Body in the Bookstore - Emma Lee
  107. Blind Faith - Joseph Wozniak
  108. Bought and Sold - Megan Stephens
  109. Breathing on Her Own - Rebeca Waters
  110. The Bride's Surprise - Angelica Rose
  111. By Canoe and Dog Train - Egerton Ryerson Young
  112. Fifty Days to Sunrise - Cristine Eaton
  113. Heartsick - RJ Conta
  114. Hornets and Grapes - Matthew Felix
  115. The Lady Bornekova - Sara R. Turnquist
  116. Winter - Kevin Newsome
  117. Winter's Prey - Rachel Miller
  118. Worth the Risk - Myra Johnson
  119. White Knight - Staci Stallings
  120. With Each New Dawn - Gail Kittleson
  121. Winter Trees - Kim Stokely
  122. When Girlfriends Chase Dreams - Savannah Page
  123. The Vicar's Wife - Victoria Kovacs
  124. Valentine Bride - Shanna Hartfield
  125. Up in Smoke - Hannah R. Conway
  126. Until I do - T.J. Lowe
  127. Unraveled - Heidi McCahan
  128. The Unforgotten Past - Brianne E. Pryor
  129. Uncommon Character - Douglas Fevel
  130. Trial by Fire - DiAnn Mills
  131. Touched by Time - Joe Matthews
  132. Tiny House Living - Andrew Elmer
  133. Treasured Brides - Grace Livingston Hill
  134. Through the Waters - Embassie Susberry
  135. Throne of Grace - Cecily Wolfe
  136. True Colors - Erin Rainwater
  137. True and Decent Man - Angelica Rose
  138. Travelled Far - Mr. Keith Foskett
  139. A Thousand Stolen Moments - Connie Ann Michael
  140. Sunlight on My Shadow - Judy Liataud
  141. Sun & Moon - Hope Franke Straus
  142. Spring in Lilac Glen - Angie Ellington
  143. A Shore Thing - Julie Carobini
  144. The Shock of the Night - Patrick W. Carr
  145. Seattle Rayne - Sylvia Stewart
  146. Straight to You - Liwen Ho
  147. a Stubborn Sweetness - Katherine Paterson
  148. Sealed with a kiss - Leeana Morgan
  149. Safe Haven - Leeana Morgan
  150. A Sweethaven Summer - Courtney Walsh
  151. Such A Hope - Sondra Kraak
  152. Running Home - Barbara Ellen Brink
  153. The Redeeming - Tamara Leigh
  154. Ruby - Cyndi Raye
  155. Reclaiming Lily - Patti Lacy
  156. Radar Love - Allen Friedman
  157. The Queen's Daughter - Lorry Lutz
  158. Push Not the River - James Coroyd Martin
  159. Promise of Home - Grace Fisher
  160. Promise of Forever - Grace Fisher
  161. Prairie Heritage - Vikki Kestell
  162. The Planter's Daughter - Michelle Shocklee
  163. Pieces of Granite - Brenda S Anderson 
  164. The Oregon Pursuit - Jenna Brandt
  165. The Betrayal - Jerry B. Jenkins
  166. The Bride Backfire - Kelly Eileen Hake
  167. The Davidson Case - Julie C. Gilbert
  168. Far From Falling - K.D. Garcia
  169. Finding Sarah - Wendy Lou Jones
  170. First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch - Liz Isaacson
  171. Focus on Love - Candee Fick
  172. Fiona's Flame - Rachel Herron
  173. Above All Else - Rosemary Hines
  174. 597 Business Ideas - Gundi Gabrielle
  175. Accidentally Yours - Robin Helm
  176. Behind A Smile - Rosemary Hines
  177. Dragons of Alsace Farm - Laurie Lewis
  178. Dressmaker's Secret - Kellyn Roth
  179. A Different Road Traveled - Rebecca Gertner Morgan
  180. The Disgraceful Viscount - Charity McColl
  181. Dogwood Alley - Alyssa Helton
  182. Death by Lotto - Abigail Keam
  183. Beth's Song - Jean L Kuhnke
  184. The Captured Bride - Michelle Griep
  185. A Chance Mistake - Jackie Zack
  186. Chase the Roar - Ariel Tyson
  187. A Child is Born - Patricia kay
  188. Circle of Blessings - Deborah Raney
  189. Color of Danger - Alexa Verde
  190. The Curtain - Patrick Ord
  191. The Collins Case - Julie C. Gilbert
  192. The Contemporary Collection - Angela Hunt
  193. Dance Over Me - Candee Fick
  194. Dangerous Love - Kara Leigh Miller
  195. Danika's Journey - J.E.B. Spredemann
  196. Days of our Future - Brianne Pryor
  197. Desert Dreams - Zoe Matthews
  198. Desert Princess - Jill Eilleen Smith
  199. Fragile Thread of Hope - Pankaj Girl
  200. Firefiles - Sara Forrest
  201. Finding Peace - Melanie D. Snitker
  202. Fifty Days to Sunrise - Cristine Eastin
  203. Fading Thunder - Sheila Hollinghead
  204. Family - Jacie Middlemann
  205. Gifts of Hope - heather hunt
  206. Happily Ever After - Jenn Faulk
  207. Heartsick - RJ Conte
  208. Her Traitor's Heart - Colleen Hall
  209. Hornets and Grapes - Matthew Felix
  210. Jessie - Sherri Beth Johnson
  211. Katie's Salvation - Callie Gardner
  212. Lady in the Mist - Laurie Alice Eakes
  213. Love in a Distant land - david b smith
  214. Starting a successful blog - gundi gabrielle
  215. the strong one - vivi holt
  216. a subtle grace - ellen gable
  217. to rise above - julianne jones
  218. where the green star falls - william jack stephens
  219. the ultimate guide to darcy carter - teresa slack
  220. under covers - rhonda bowen

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Out of Georgia

My hike to Sacrifice Cliff

I'm deep into the Appalachian Trail now, at least in spirit.  I've "hiked" over 56 miles so I'm just past Tray Mountain in Georgia.  At the same time, I'm continuing to read trail memoirs.  One of the stories I've added was the Barefoot Sisters.  I got their southbound book free awhile ago.  So I thought, why not revisit that and then read the northbound journey for this?  I got so into their nobo (northbound) story that I forgot to check to see when they hiked as far as I have.

Bly Gap.  Where the heck is that on my list?  I had copied it all out from a page by dwhike, printed it double columns and back to back.  And then I noticed something silly.  My last mile marker from Georgia was at 76.4 miles, then it skips to NC at 273.2.  I was missing 198 miles of information.  So I am farther from the border than I thought I'd be.

My tendon is getting better, I started to do strengthening exercises on it now.  I'm limiting myself to under two miles an outing now, less if the terrain is not very flat.  This sounds pretty wimpy compared to what real thru-hikers go through.  However, once this injury is totally better I'll be able to hike longer and harder.

Since moving to Montana, I've lost about five pounds just by hiking.  My body already feels different; stronger legs, more stamina and the fat seems to literally be dropping.  I even had a dream last night that I had this ridge of muscle going down the side of my leg from my strength training.  It was kind of weird but also a badge of honor to have earned it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Walking the Appalachian Trail from 1,800 miles away.

Almost a year ago, I started a Faux Appalachian Trail Hike.  One of my friends attempted to hike the trail and so I became curious and read some books about people who hiked it.  And then I read some more, and still more.  For awhile I seriously entertained the idea of hiking the AT.  But then reality came back and I realized that hiking the trail wasn't real likely for me.  And so, I came up with an alternative plan that would allow me to follow the trail while staying where I am.

The plan is simple:

  1. Take walks in my area and track the mileage
  2. Use a mileage chart from the Appalachian Trail to track your progress
  3. (Optional) Read trail books up to the point of your AT mileage i.e.  if you've hiked 41.5 miles, you're at Low Gap Shelter, so only read up to that point in the book's progress.
Then, realize that by walking 5 miles a week, you'll reach Mt. Katahdin in about eight years.  Time to step it up.

I'm currently at Sheep Rock Top, 40.94 miles in. Of course I'm reviving this walk at the time that I'm dealing with tendinitis in my ankle.  So my mileage is low and slow.  However I'm finding this a lot more fun now that we've moved to Montana.  There's so many trails to try and it encourages me to be outside and in nature.  Even a 3/4 mile walk is worth the effort.  And someday soon I'll be able to add on more miles each week after the ankle recovers.  

These are the books that I'm reading along with my trail walking:
  • A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (classic)
  • Rethinking Life on the Appalachian Trail by Gary Bond
  • Skywalker - Close Encounters on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Walker
  • Between a Rock and a White Blaze by Julie Urbanski
  • Timberrr!!! Or How I Fell Down the Appalachian Trail by Amy "Timber" Hiusser
  • Lost on the Appalachian Trail by Kyle Rhorig
I'll add another one, since my kindle folder can hold eight titles on a page.  And since Hiusser didn't complete the trail, I'll add another book when I finish that one.  Each night I read the book that's on the bottom of the list on my kindle.  Then I'll read to the point of how far I am on the AT.  As I've slowed in walking to let my ankle recover, I'm often not reading more than a page or two.  Hopefully I'll be recovered before it gets too cold to hike.  

And that's it.  I get to hike the Appalachian Trail vicariously through other people while still sleeping in my own bed at night.  Now this, I can do.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Konmari Lists

My purse station!

Here's the list of categories for Konmari sorting.  I've culled this from the book and various other sources.

The Beginning Three:

  • Clothes
    • Tops
    • Bottoms
    • Clothes that should be hung
    • Socks
    • Underwear
    • Bags
    • Accessories
    • Clothes for specific events (Indian clothes in storage)
    • Shoes
  • Books (in storage, sorting kindle books)
  • Papers

  • CD's/DVD's
  • Skin care products
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Valuables (passports, credit cards, etc)
  • Electronics
  • Office Supplies
  • Stationary, writing supplies
  • Tools and home maintenance
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Linens and rags
  • Blankets
  • Craft supplies
  • Gift wrapping, cards, boxes
  • Toiletries
  • Kitchen
    • Food
    • Dishes, flatware, cups
    • Cooking utensils and bowls
    • Appliances and tools
  • Decorations
  • Furniture
  • Pet items
  • spare change
  • Mementos
  • Photos

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Happy Joyful Socks

So, I started Konmari.  The Magical Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  Currently we're in a transitional place after moving 800 miles away.  We've gotten rid of lots of stuff and moved from a 4 bed, 2 bath, 2.5 car garage into a 2 bedroom apartment.  We'll have a house again soon, but for now we're here.  There's stuff in our garage in boxes, the rest is int he apartment with us.

The closet.  I thought I minimalized before, but there's always clothes that gets old and stained.  Eventually, I'd like to get to the point where ALL my clothes fit into a carry on.  Here's my closet before:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

41 by 41 Halfway Mark

It's been a little over 6 months since I started this 41 by 41 journey.  I sat down, made a list of 41 things that I thought my 41 year old self needed to accomplish.  Some have been wonderful, some challenging and others I'm realizing are not going to happen.  So in this update, I'm also editing a few of my goals.

For example, the riding my bike to the farmer's market isn't going to happen, the market won't be open until after my next birthday.  I realized that the reason I didn't do this one is that I didn't feel safe riding down the highway.  Instead, I'll change it something just as challenging, but still achievable.

I'm also so close on quite a few of these, that I imagine there will be a few upcoming months that I'll look like an overachiever.  There are 21 items left and 6 months, which leaves 3.5 things to do each month.  Still very doable.

Here we go:

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Faux Trail Hike

Last Monday, I ran for 3 minutes.  Wednesday, 4.  Friday, an amazing five.  I didn't think I could do the five and now next Monday is 6 with Wednesday 2 sets of 4.

I have no lingering soreness from the runs so it's a good sign that my body is able to do this.  However, with just these small walk/runs 3 times a week, I'm concerned that it's not enough to bring down my weight and get me in shape.  Weight-wise, I gained a little these last couple of days but I was kind of expecting it.  Since being sick a couple weeks ago, I lost a bit and I think my body is equalizing itself.  Hopefully that's done with and it's all downhill now.

The last couple years I've been reading trail journals, Appalachian, Pacific Crest, The Way, etc.  It's not feasible for me now but maybe someday.  In the meantime, I'm going to take the miles that I go on my walk/runs and see how far I would be on the Appalachian Trail starting in Georgia on Springer Mountain.  I do realize that a treadmill, a paved neighborhood or a state trail is no comparison to the real trail.  I don't have physical mountains, I have mental mountains to cross.  And no backpack or bugs or pumping water or bears, you get the picture.

So that's why this is a Faux Trail Walk like a Faux fur is to a real fur.  No animals were harmed in the walking of this trail.  I'll use this guide to gauge how far.

Going back to the beginning of my running schedule, I've gone 7.72 miles which brings me past the logging road, almost to Hawk Mountain Shelter.  Only 2,170.58 miles to go.