Thursday, May 22, 2008

Decorating Style (?)

Awhile back in my old blog I took a few decorating style quizzes. I'm once again considering looking at decorating some rooms. The amazing thing is, I think my style has changed.

1. Better Homes & Gardens:

Funky Retro

Based on your responses, it seems that a funky retro style inspired by the 1950s, 60s, and/or 70s most appeals to you. Perhaps you are nostalgic for a simpler time, or maybe you just love the graphic shapes and bold punches of color associated with those decades. No doubt you spend time browsing through flea markets and perusing online auction listings for unique finds to add to your space. To satisfy your yen for retro flair you can either go full-scale (think black-and-white checkerboard flooring and counter seating reminiscent of a '50s diner) or just add a touch of retro flavor by choosing geometric pieces like a kidney-shaped coffee table, installing a hot-again shag rug, or adding a subtle 70s peace-sign motif to throw pillows. When it comes to memorabilia you may have amassed, how you display things makes all the difference. Remember: A collection of like pieces has much more impact than individual items scattered around a room. So, for example, frame and group those old album covers rather than letting them gather dust on a bookshelf. A final word of advice: To keep your space from looking dated, combine retro elements such as bold colors and graphic design with modern elements like clean lines and neutral walls and floors. That way, you end up with a look that's a hip take on the past, not a room that could be confused with your parents' circa-1960 family room.

I had no idea that "Funky Retro" was even a decorating style. Also, no idea that I would fall into it. Yeah, I like bold colors and I like flea markets. But really, I'm going to pass on the checkerboard floors.

2. From Merillat - Country Casual. Warm woods, rustic metals, casual elegance, influenced by nature, earthy colors, comforting spaces, approachable.

So-so with this one. Kind of a boring result.

3. HGTV -
Ethnic Eclectic

Your style is a mix of bohemian chic and contemporary ethnic flair. Whether you travel extensively or shop locally, chances are good that your home is filled with a collection of interesting accessories. By contrast, a neutral color scheme and furniture with simple lines is the best backdrop to accentuate your most colorful pieces. To achieve this mix-and-match design style, look to nature. "The concern with the environment is playing a big role in interior design trends – from colors you find in nature, to high-end natural fibers in wall coverings, to exotic woods and stone being used throughout the home," says Denise Turner, an interior designer in Alta Loma, California. It's all about simple lines and natural materials as a backdrop for your collectables and artwork.

Design Tips for Ethnic Eclectic

Contemporary and chic accessories go with any style. Dress up family-friendly comfort in the dining room with a sophisticated Murano glass light fixture that's out of the reach of little hands. Or, make the master bedroom your grown-up retreat with soothing colors from the garden and a wooden platform bed with a trendy upholstered headboard.

Ahh, now we're getting a little warmer.

Anyway, I'm thinking that I'm leaning toward more of an English Cottage meets an Asian influence. Is there such a thing? Maybe there is now.

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