Monday, May 26, 2008

Dream of Diamonds

Last night (Sunday night/Monday morning) I dreamt that I was at this place where a contest was going on. It was a little odd to think back on it now, because I was a man in the dream and I'm not one IRL.

Somehow, a contest got going that whoever was able to shoot a diamond on the roof of the man's house, could marry his daughter. By "shoot" I mean, it was with a gun. First of all, you needed to have good aim, secondly, you needed a diamond and thirdly, you had to figure out how to make that diamond stay on the slanted roof and not fall off.

I drove off to my SIL's house and asked if she had a diamond I could use. She found one for me, it was a beautiful round cut in a silver setting. It also had this light attached to it that made the diamond glow blue when you turned it on. I thought it was rather a garrish feature but may come in handy when I shot it on the roof - that way I could prove for sure that it was my diamond that made it there.

On the way back, I remember looking back down the hill that I had driven up from. It was a snowy day and I could see a few blocks of the city. A black light truck drove around a corner, skipped sideways and then rolled over. This was a reminder to me of how soon an accident could happen and could stop all your plans (i.e. shooting a diamond on a roof).

I got back to the place where the guys were trying their shots. Once they shot they diamond, if it didn't make it, it was kept for the girl's dowry. Pretty smart dad, if you ask me. I was a great shot and my gun was very powerful. The worry was, I was at the house next door. I paced off the feet from their house to the house where we were shooting from. The other guys made fun of my mathematical approach. I then had to target practice to see how many paces I could go until the bullet began to drop and then do the math and figure out the angle to shoot at. After that, I'd have to figure out how to attach the diamond to the bullet and make it stick to the roof.

Sorry to say, I woke up before I ever got the shot off. I'm pretty sure my dream was leading up to me making it, though. But the beauty of the diamond on the roof stayed in my mind all day. It was like taking a one shot chance with something very valuable, to obtain something priceless. Yeah, it's weird when your dreams switch genders on you. Blame it on my subconscious, it has a mind of its own.

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