Saturday, June 7, 2008

Peach Tree

At my childhood home, we lived on a country road. Along the road but on our property, my dad had planted a peach tree. It took many years for blossoms to start and then finally one year, there was one large delicious peach that dangled from a limb near the road. I walked by it every day after school, waiting for it to be just ripe. Unfortunately, a neighbor picked it before I had a chance.

The next year, the blossoms were more abundant and the tree promised to have more fruit. The trunk was thicker, the branches almost over the road, but not quite. I watched the blossoms drop and the saw the starting of the fruit. Then one day, the tree was gone.

The township had a new ordinance that a tree so many feet from the road was to be cut down. The Peach Tree was chopped down and chipped.

If a tree bears only one fruit in its lifetime, was it a good fruitbearing tree? Even though it was ready to bear more fruit, it was never given the chance. Because of its location and a new law, it would never bear branches full of peaches.

I've thought about this Peach Tree lately and I wasn't sure why until this last week. I feel like that Peach Tree right now. Just when I was about to be in the season of giving fruit and giving it more abundantly, a new law came into place and chopped it away. I've been grieving the loss of the opportunities, freedom, growth and seeing the Spirit move.

But I won't let that stop my growth.

I'll plant another seedling.

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Jen said...

you are so fabulous and you dont even know it, which makes you even more fabulous.