Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Project Avalance Update

Finished projects
1. I've decided to frog my fidget, so that's no longer a WIP.
2. Storm Shawl is done, it only needs some blocking. It could be worn as is, though.
= 10 Projects

Started Project
1. Sock Scarf
= 11 Projects

Finished Projects
1. Sock Scarf
= 10 Projects

Next up, I need to finish the Froot Loop socks so I can start my prayer socks.

It's kind of working for me. I had a moment of weakness when I started another clapotis. No idea why I suddenly wanted to make one of those. As I said, it was a moment of weakness. It's frogged back and all is nicely or not so nicely wound as it was.

I also added my first free pattern! See the previous post or the sidebar to find it.

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zarafa said...

i can be your "vow-renewal ceremony coordinator." that's almost like getting married again, right??