Thursday, June 5, 2008

Project Avalanche & the Prodigal Sock

Awhile ago, I had maybe 3 projects at a time going. Perhaps a pair of socks, a simple scarf, a prayer shawl. Then, I heard Kelly Petkun on her podcast saying that we should have 7 projects at once. There was some reasoning behind this, each of them were different. Eureka! Permission to start more projects.

I now have 11 projects going and just signed up to do one more.


Here's the plan and I'm sticking to it. To the best of my ability, at least.
Finish 2 projects before I can start 1 more, until I get down to 7 projects.

My plan of taking over my life instead of being ruled by UFO's may be working.

1. Finish Storm Shawl, then I think I'll finish the 30 year sweater. When those are done, I can start my prayer socks = 10 projects.

2. Finish Printed Silk Cardi & Nicole's Prayer Shawl. Start another sweater or shawl = 9 projects

3. Finish Froot Loops and Fidget. Start something TBD = 8 projects

4. Finish Prayer Socks & something else. Start something TBD = 7 projects.


In other knitting news, I found my other Texas sock. I wore them once or twice, and put them in the wash (or so I thought). When I was deep cleaning under the bed, around all the things we store there, I found it! What joy, what elation, what a loud shout I gave. What was lost, was now found. What was incomplete, was now complete. What was warm and wooly in the winter, is now hot and itchy in the summer.

Oh well, I'll have them for fall.

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Mandy said...

Now, I'm not sure about a project avalanche for myself. I have two projects on the go at the moment and that keeps me more than occupied. I'm so glad its something that will work for you. It sounds so do-able when you explain it all.....
Well done on finding that missing sock too. What a relief.