Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Sock Scarf

Random Sock Scarf

I made this over a weekend using up some small balls of sock yarn, leftover from the mitered square sock blanket. The original balls were on average, 10 grams each.

This is fun for those of us who love surprises and more artsy type designs. It's a quick knit as well and can be addicting. For those of you who aren't random and have to match and have things pre-planned, choose your yarn in the same color families or pre-plan your rows. But seriously, most of the fun of this project is seeing how random odd color balls work together! And another bonus, there is no sewing in ends.

About 10 small balls of sock yarn, 10 grams each, in various colors. Put these in an opaque bag so you can't see the yarn.
Larger ball, about 20 grams of sock yarn as an "anchor color" for the edges and to work in throughout the scarf.
Needles: Size 5
Gauge - doesn't matter

Scarf Pattern
Using the anchor color, cast on 250 stitches loosely. If you'd like, you can go up a needle size or two to in order to make the cast on more loose. Leave a 6" tail.

Knit 3 rows with the anchor color. Break yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Put the anchor color into your bag of random yarn.

With each yarn that you use, leave a 6" tail on each side, this will be your fringe.

Pull a random ball out of your bag and knit a row, break yarn.
Continue pulling random balls of yarn and knit 27 more rows. There is one "rule" - don't knit 2 of the same yarns next to each other.

Knit 3 rows of the anchor color.

Cast off loosely. Use a size 7 needle if your cast on is too tight.

Starting on one edge, take 4 strands of yarn and knot them together. Continue across each edge of scarf. Trim to a uniform length if desired.

Wear your scarf and enjoy!

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