Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spy Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was in this building where there was some shady dealings going on. It was kind of a bar or gangster hang out. The owner of the building built over the walls with new sheet rock, hiding what was inside. There was also this storage room with shelves up to a high ceiling of stored things. In the storage room, there were all sorts of toys, like in Toy Story, that were alive. The owner was concealing some things, and someone had also been murdered.

I had found a clue by going on top of the roof of the front overhang of the place. There, in the crevice where one joint of the roof met the other, was a business card and a couple other things that incriminated the owner. Luckily, there were multiple pieces of each, but I only needed one set.

Meanwhile, the investigation was underway. Something happened to the evidence and we needed to get another set. A few policemen went up to look for it, but instead found a note to the affect that they were dead men. We all (there were 3 women) ran for it. We were all in one car. But at a stoplight, I got out and got into the car behind me. This car contained someone I knew, and I pretended to be a disguised girl holding a little baby. The car that I had originally been in had been captured, I was now the only one left free.

I came back to the place with an army of police. They needed to find evidence of stolen goods so we could rescue the people. They started by discovering the sheet rock was covering doors to hidden rooms. The main policeman in charge insisted that the owner was hiding a large stock of fruit. I've no idea why this was so important and by this time, the fruit had probably spoiled.

We went into the storage room and it was filled with stuff, how could we ever find the fruit? Then, I had an idea. I shouted out to the toys, to ask if anyone knew where the fruit was. There was some murmuring and then a voice said that he had some! I then vaguely recalled a toy truck with a crane and basket attached to it. The basket had hauled some fruit in it. We located the toy and then we found the rest of the fruit.

The stock of the room was our plunder, and while the gangsters waited to be led away, I was on a ladder, throwing down some things to keep. My husband was on kind of standing in another shelf, catching what I was throwing. Some things I threw wrong and it broke or got ruined. But it didn't matter, it was all bonus stuff. What we were after most was wine, round crusty breads wrapped in waxed bags and chocolate. A six pack of wine didn't make it, but the other did. Most of the bread made it. I don't recall much about the chocolate now, but I'm pretty sure I'd try my hardest to get to that down safely.

~ * ~ * ~

As I was writing this dream out, part of the meaning came to me.

The search and finding of fruit.

The three women

Gangsters vs. police - possibly spiritual battles

That I am influenced by the movies I watch.

More on the fruit and the three women thing in my next post (hopefully).

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