Monday, June 2, 2008

Stash Poll Closed

With 15 votes, the stash poll is now closed. The results are in! It was a neck and neck race, but one of them managed to pull in a few more delegates...oops, wrong poll.

Anyway, I was surprised to get 15 votes. I thought maybe I'd get 5, including mine and a couple of relatives. Especially since it's such an arbitrary poll, how many people have really seen my stash in all it's overabundant glory? Not even I have the heart to pull it all out at once. It might make me swear of yarn shops for awhile, something I'd regret afterwards.

This one won: Bulging around the edges.

I'd agree with that, to me it bulges. But also keep in mind that I'm storing some charity crafting yarn and have been knitting for about 20 years.

I'm thinking that next up might be a contest here where I give away some of that overabundance. Anyone up for that?


zarafa said...

i'm not too proud to take charity yarn donations you know ;)

JC said...

That would be an interesting idea.

I came across your blog from Ravelry and really really like your storm shawl. You have some beautiful pictures and a very chatty, relaxed voice. Not too cluttered at all.

JC said...

that, referring to a giveaway. How would you structure it?

Julie said...

Glad you're liking the blog! I do try to keep it uncluttered, that's why I have three separate blogs here.

I'm not sure yet how to do a giveaway. Probably start a new post and have people post something - maybe a recipe, a joke, etc to enter in. Then, I'd do one of those random generator things and have the winner(s) picked out.

The wheels are turning!