Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dream of Love Gone Wrong

There was a part of my dream that I don't remember now, but I can recall as far back as a police sting on a building. They were all standing around this building in the middle of nowhere. A boy was with them and he got impatient and went and kicked in the door. One of the officers accused the other one of setting them up to fail because of the kid. The kid ran in and ran a sort of maze of gory stuff. He war running panicked. The officers had to run in after him to rescue him, before he got hurt. They were ultimately after a mass murderer. I forgot the name of the murderer, let's call him "Tom."

In a living room, there was a shoot out with Tom. I don't know if this was the same day or same building as the one with the sting. All around the room there was this trail that you had to follow and at the end lay Tom, shot up. In the first version of the scene, they didn't find Tom until they came to the end of the trail, behind an upholstered chair & footstool. He was dead. In the second version of the scene, Tom was spotted right away, but he was still alive. The officers tied him up before they pulled him out by his legs.

Somehow, Tom arranged it so that he would walk to prison and would arrive by 6pm that day. He had a couple of things he needed to do before he went there. He said that if he didn't arrive by then that they should send out people after him. This was kept secret from the public. Tom's business, was the woman he loved, "Jenny."

Jenny had no clue of Tom's murdering ways. Ironically, Tom did indeed deeply love Jenny. They had a very close relationship and spent much time together. He went to take Jenny out to eat at a restaurant. The waitress told them that appetizers were on her since she was so glad that the mass murderer was finally behind bars. Tom & Jenny talked awhile, he was telling her that he had to go away but didn't tell her where or why yet. She asked where, could she come too and if he was doing something for them. They decided on corn on the cob as their appetizer but the waitress did not return for awhile. Tom saw time ticking away and decided it was time they walked. Neither was hungry anyway.

He pointed to the place where he was walking to, but there were so many building down the road that Jenny didn't suspect the real place. She couldn't fathom that he had ever done anything bad. Tom said that he should have planned this all differently. He should have set her up with receiving part of his checks that he received each week. Every week he broke open the check and gave her $75.00. He should have set it up so she could continue to receive the money. He was a bit broken up by the fact that he couldn't provide for her anymore.

As they were walking by a construction sight, Jenny's older brother, John was working there. He recognized Tom or thought he did and started asking questions. Jenny, still naive, yelled at her brother to go away and not bother her right now, she meant it. John followed behind them at a safe distance. It's a good thing he did, because there were a pair of bounty hunters out for Tom and when they saw Jenny with him, they plotted to take advantage of her as well. Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Eventually, Jenny finally got the picture that Tom was going to jail. He told her that she'd hear about terrible things that he had done and people would say and try to do terrible things to her because he knew her. He said that she may even not love him anymore. But he would always love her. She was the only person that he loved.

Cue - alarm clock.

Tom was a tall man, sort of gangly but sort of built. He had gray-brown scraggly shoulder length hair. Jenny was thin, average built woman. She had great defined legs and wore a skirt. I really did feel for both of them. At one time in the dream, I felt like I was in Tom's POV and other times I was in Jenny's POV. Although I was also in the POV of the boy and the officer in the beginning as well. Talk about a schizo dream.

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cassandradeor said...

Talk about a weird dream!! I wonder what it all means??