Saturday, July 19, 2008

Knitting Progress/Regress

When you tuned in last to the reality show "Project Starting Temptation Island," I was down to 9 projects - yay!. I am now down to 8 projects...but I finished 4. If you're good at doing math, that means that I had started and finished 3 more projects while finishing one that I already had going. Yep.

  1. The Froot Loop socks are finished and delivered. They fit her very well. I didn't get a photo of them, though!
  2. Magic Ball of Yarn Swap. Hehe, technically it's not a knitting project, it's just winding yarn around some trinkets. But it did take yarn and time. I'm done wrapping it, just have to get it off in the mail.
  3. Luxury Shawl. I was sick and needed a mindless project. This one used up quite a bit of novelty stash yarn.
  4. Horse Tail scarf. Basically, cut off about 2 yards each of some pretty yarns and braided it; 2 hours, no knitting, voila.
My favorite LYS, Silver Creek Cabin, is having crazy days sale, everything is 20% off. Did I say that I was feeling under the weather? I had to stop by anyway (my hubby doesn't understand my reasoning). My brain was a little foggy and the next thing I know, I left with enough yarn to make the Danish Tie Shawl from one of Spin Off''s recent issues. I am so itching to start it but I won't.

One of the reasons that I'm not starting another project is that I ran out of Knit Picks cables for my needles. I have ONE left. One broke (they are sending me out replacements) but the fact that I have ONE cable left made me pause. Could there be, perhaps, more WIP's that I have hidden somewhere that I have not recorded? Could a deep clean through my craft room produce more projects that I forgot about? The thought bears consideration. Especially since two of my projects are on Addi's.

I'm going to go upstairs now, listen to knitting podcasts and knit the sleeves for my neglected Printed Silk Cardi.


See this yarn? Isn't it yummy? This is for my Danish Tie Shawl. Oh, look! I have one set of cables left and my nickle plated KP needle tips. Oh, look! Here's the pattern. Let me just read it over again and drool.


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