Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Progress Trumps Self-Control

So if anyone is wondering, I didn't start that shawl. I had some yarn from my stash that could probably work, needles, pattern and a weekend. Why didn't I start it with so much going for it? Simply put, I finished another project.

In the car, I had 2 hours of knitting on the Froot Loop socks. They zoomed up the ankle until I could almost see them finished. I finished the pattern section by the time the fireworks were over. Later that weekend, I did the ribbing while watching Charlie's Angels on Hulu. They now need to have their ends hemmed in and then be washed. Voila! Progress beats self-control any time (well, almost any).

I started my prayer sock socks right after because they are "due" in less than 2 months. The yarn is a bit brighter than I remember, I hope my partner likes them.

I also started and finished my Magic Ball of Yarn, that one will need to be sent off as soon as I can get to the PO, the deadline is the 15th. It was a lot of fun, even though I did have to wind it twice. The first ball looked like a rat's nest, the second time around it's more like a wasp nest, but a nice wasp nest.

Pics later!

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