Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why did I name it that?


1. A fall or slide of a large mass, as of snow or rock, down a mountainside.
2. A massive or overwhelming amount; a flood: received an avalanche of mail.
To fall or slide in a massive or overwhelming amount.
To overwhelm; inundate.

I particularly feel a kinship with the third line, "to slide IN a massive or overwhelming amount." That's how I'm feeling with my knitting. What happened to the days of easy garter stitch scarves? One month prayer shawls? I'm sliding in an overwhelming amount of large knitting projects. Unfortunately, I have less time to knit as well.

This calls for drastic measures.

I now have 11 projects going that I'll admit to on ravelry. But between you and me, it's now about 13. What happened to the progress from last post you ask? When I finally got it down from 11 down to 10? All I know is that there was some hazy moments of imbibing (root) beer and the next thing I know, I had more projects on the needles.

Did I mention that this calls for drastic measures?

Drastic Measure #1. I'm sorry to have to do this, but I will need to postpone my Pay It Forward projects for a month or so. Yes, I am supposed to get them done within a certain amount of time. However, I still don't know when my PIF person will get mine to me. At that point that she does, then I'll start kicking it in gear. (Sorry, Z.)

= 11 projects

Drastic Measure #2. Hibernate Nicole's Prayer Shawl. She's okay with that since she hibernated mine as well.

= 10 projects

Drastic measure #2. Hibernate the Storm Shawl. I need some time and some uncluttered space to block this thing. I've never blocked a shawl like this before and it's going to take me a good day to do research on the net before I feel confident to start.

= 9 projects

Whew, do I feel better now.

I'll still try to stick to the "finish 2 projects before you can start another one" theory. But no promises, because look what happened to me last time.

Lesson learned - that I do need to have a mindless project and/or a shorter project on the needles to help me feel as if I'm actually doing something.

I really need to get this startitis problem under control. Firstly, I'm trying to whittle down my commitments in order to write and that won't work well if I feel overwhelmed with knitting projects and can't get to writing. Secondly, the local crazy days will be in a couple of weeks, and my LYS will have a few tables out. More yarn, more opportunities to randomly start projects.

Say a prayer for me, fellow knitters; that I won't come back next time and confess to having 15 projects going.

P.S. It's sometimes a good thing to be bad at math. I just went through my ravelry projects and put in my new ones. I actually have 8 projects, not 9.

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