Sunday, August 17, 2008

Arts & Craft Fair

Yesterday our town had its annual Arts and Craft Fair. This year there seemed to be more vendors than normal. I went with N and we had fun between that and the farmer's market. We were brainstorming about having a booth next year. On the plus side, we could sell stuff and make money. On the negative side, we might not be able to shop.

Metal work shovels with rain gauges, gifts for dads, $25 each. Shhh...

Rain gauge, $10. They had one with plants on it, but I'd rather not have dead plants on my rain gauge next year. This beats waiting for hubby to actually screw one onto our deck.

Project bags, $16 & $5. My silk cardi is currently in the large green one. These were from a hispanic family who had sheep, they used to have alpacas. Mmmm.

I bought this bag for a sock knitting bag...but I just bought the two above. It may make its way into the gift pile. Yes, each bag had goodies inside! At $6, this was a steal. It really is perfect for sitting there and holding sock knitting supplies. Hmmm.

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