Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp Knitting

We're going to go camping to Itasca in late summer/early fall. Eventually I'll get to my lists of what to pack for gear, but what's been on my mind most is...what in the world do I bring with to knit?

It needs to be able to travel well.
I can't mind if it gets dirty.
Has to keep my interest in case I have some down time.

Here's my plan so far:
1. Spring Forward Socks in this yarn.
Which should give me some interest while I knit. Maybe something good to have in the car or on hikes or during the day.

2. Plain pair of socks for when it's dark and I can't see anything but the campfire. (See blue yarn above.)

3. The Estes Vest which will provide that more intense, "pay attention to me" type of project for if I get bored in the afternoons while lounging around the campsite. Plus, because it's made for wearing around nature type places, I won't mind so much if it gets in the dirt and dog haired.

4. Wash cloths. Small project to stick in my pocket when we go on hikes. Can wash easy.

Note to self: buy some cotton yarn for the cloths.

That should hold me over for awhile. Of course, I remember last year when we went to Yellowstone, all I had to show for it was a prayer shawl and a pair of socks and the shawl was almost finished. I tend to knit a lot slower when on vacation. Hopefully I'll have at least the socks and some wash cloths done when i get home.

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