Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where Have All The Projects Gone?

If you've been following my project pile up, avalanche, etc., then you might notice that a lot of projects have disappeared from the sidebar. The reason being, they were just out there "just in case" when I was doing the ravelympics. Now, they have been put back into hibernation, deleted or in a rare case or two, finished.

I have 9 projects going. Count them, 9. It feels so nice to have less going on!

However, I have a dilema. I am working on Estes Vest and have swatched for the Cardigan for Arwen. But, when I was at the knit shop the last time, I almost went home with enough yarn for another sweater. The yarn was soft, the pattern lovely but what stopped me was that I didn't want to do another blue one so soon after the Printed Silk Cardi. There was a lovely celery green, but only 4 skeins. The owner asked if I wanted to order it. Inwardly, I shouted "yes!" But no, I resisted. And we all know that resistance is futile.

Tomorrow, I go to the knit store again. Shall I have her order the yarn?

I know I'll look lovely in the sweater.

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