Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camp Knitting

I knew I packed too many knitting projects, but it's hard to know what I will want to knit until I get there. On the first night, at the in-law's (before we got down to camping) I realized that I had put in my pocket openings in the Estes Vest in different places. Argh, rip, rip.

I then put it aside and began my Cardigan for Arwen. It's going swimmingly, did a hem and started the cabling. Then I forgot the project at the in-laws and went camping.

Luckily, I had with a skein of the standard Peaches N' Cream stuff and made two washcloths before I had enough courage to face my Estes Vest, which was in oddly wound balls.

The socks never had a chance to start. I didn't finish the pair on the needles so I didn't feel like starting another pair. And to be quite honest, I'm kinda tired of knitting socks. This may shock the knitting world, but yeah, I even get tired of knitting socks. There, I said it. Throw your rotten tomatoes.

I did find two nice knitting shops. The one in Nisswa, Utrinkets was small but nice. I found a skein of yarn in a pretty colorway (see top photo) that is not my usual thing. I've been trying to stay away from reds and blues because that's all I seem to buy.

On the first rainy day (yes first, not last) we went to Park Rapids and I found Monkia's Quilt & Yarn Shop. It's a very nice large store and I could have browsed for hours. I wanted to get a skein of the lace weight Malabrigo but didn't really love any of the colors. Instead, I bought some Marble Chunky yarn for a prayer shawl and some 100% silk (last photo) on clearance.

All in all, it was a nice vacation but it wasn't what I expected. I did get to experience a few different yarn shops and score some cool yarn and start over on Estes. In fact, tonight, I'm almost done with the increases on Estes, it's over 1/3 done. And yes, I did get the Arwen back, but that's now on hold until Estes is finished (or so that's the plan for now).


zarafa said...

That top yarn is really pretty. Any big plans for it yet?

Did you end up getting the yarn for the sweater in the most recent interweave? (the brown one with the angled cable) i'm contemplating making that one too.

Julie said...

Not yet, it does have a bit of yardage on it. Maybe a small shawl or something. Got any ideas?

~RaenWa~ said...

You picked out some great colors

Mandy said...

What gorgeous yarn!