Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dog Days at Itasca State Park

I'm finally rested up and since my humans are sleeping, I thought I'd paw a few lines about our vacation to Itasca State Park last week. Here you can see me at the Headwaters of the Mississippi River. But a lot happened before and after that. We stayed in site #222 at the Pine Ridge Campground in the park in the Pine loop. For two nights we were the only ones staying in that loop. It was a nice site, very shady and full of trees. The tent was protected from the wind and rain. The humans said the bathrooms and showers were nice and new too.

I was worried that my humans would forget to take me, so I had to whine and stick close to them as they packed up the truck. It worked! They took me with and let me stick my head out of the window most of the way. The first day was warm and we went walking through woods. Lots of places to sniff and leave my mark.

That night, it rained a lot. Luckily, I got to spend the time in the tent with the humans. We drove to a couple of towns that next day and they went shopping. I saw the female human bought some yarn and they also got some chocolate which they didn't share with me. We also saw a bear crossing the road and lots of deer.

The next day was a little colder and it rained off and on. We drove around a lot and looked at a few places. Here's me at some kind of look out point. I don't know what I was supposed to look out for.

And here's me at some large tree. Unfortunately, they fenced it off so I couldn't leave my mark on it.
The sky was gray most of the time but when the clouds came out, it looked nice. Almost as nice as a bowl of dog treats.
Here's another picture of the headwaters. The female human crossed over and took some pictures. It was too cold to wade across, at least that's what she said. I was tired after a few trails and didn't feel like jumping in the truck. But they made me get in again. By nighttime, I was at the tent entrance at 8:30pm. Enough of being outside for one day. The humans laughed at me and said "we wore out the dog." I beg to differ. I just know when to quit.

Here's me in my first trip in the boat. My humans did have to coax me in with some treats and a little pulling but I made it. It's not too bad and every once in awhile, I get to lick a fish.
We had a stowaway on board.
Lots of ducks to sniff at on the docks. They left their marks just like me.
I was pretty tired on the way home and slept most of the way. But I did get to see a double rainbow. When I got home I slept for about 2 days but now I'm ready to go again. I'd give this trip three paws up.

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