Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Almost Set Fire to the Vest

See this vest? It was almost ashes, toast, set on fire. But, the practical side of me thought, hey, why not make it into a bag?

Let me go back to the catalyst to fill you in. This afternoon, I was anticipating finishing the knitting of the vest. But realized to my horror that the back of the vest was off center. Somehow, I figured, I had decreased the armholes at an uneven rate. It wasn't a complete disaster at this point, I only ripped back a few inches to the armholes and started them up again.

After the first row back, I counted on each side. It was still off. What the - ? At this point, I had visions of setting this thing on fire. I was NOT going to start over after this point. The Vikings were losing their game (quite stupidly too), so I was thoroughly frustrated and upset. I went upstairs to try to figure this out.

After measuring in a couple of places, I found, to my horror, that I had been off 1" from the very beginning. Luckily (or unluckily) I'm making the largest size so perhaps 1" may not make that much difference. What if I could eventually add a little more stitches to one side while taking them away from the other? It might work, with blocking. And did I mention that I am ABSOLUTELY NOT KNITTING THIS OVER. If this doesn't work, I'm making this into a tote bag.


JC said...

I would have cried. Don't set fire to the thing. IT would make a lovely tote bag.

N. Maria said...

I agree with jc!
.....and I probably would still be saying, What the -?

Julie said...

It really didn't help that my husband was all too eager to want to rip out the vest. He loves ripping out my knitting. What's up with that?

And the saga continues. I thought I was almost done, did almost all the binding off, but it's too short. *sigh* Have to unravel a few rows and continue on.