Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just About Fits

I changed out my buttons today on the Printed Silk Cardigan. I had bought larger ones but they were just too heavy for the silk. Also, wove in all the ends that were still hanging out and blocked some parts again. Yeah, I know it was supposed to be done for the Raveylmpics (and I said it was) but there always seems to be some more adjustments needed.

Speaking of, I think I like just having 3 buttons. I'll probably sew the other buttonholes closed and put simple snap closures on the inside to avoid the gaping issue.

The cardigan looks soft and lovely and flattering. it is slightly bigger than I had wanted in the front. When I bend over, the cardi gapes downward. I also should have made the neckline higher. But it's done (or just about) and I think I'll wear it tomorrow to see the author, Elisabeth Musser.


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