Thursday, October 16, 2008

Casting About

Lately, I've been "casting about" for projects. Yes, I've been cracking down on the wedding blanket, only 4 more changes until I'm done (but they get bigger each time). But I feel restless, like I want to start on something new but just can't get into it.

Case in point:
1. Berocco Inca Gold yarn bought for the Eastlake.
2. Nixed Eastlake, it's more like "knitting the lifestyle" than actually something that would be flattering.
3. Obsessed over patterns, what to do with all this great yarn?
4. Cast on for the February Lady's Sweater
5. Knit a Hallowig in a day
6. Messed up the Feb Lady and put it aside
7. Obsessed a bit more with patterns
8. Decided that I really wanted to make the Mirabella (Spring IK) into a fall cardi instead of spring
9. Obsessed even more with patterns
10. Swatched & cast on for the Sayuri sweater (Sensual Knits) last night


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