Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Estes Vest - Done!

I finished the vest last weekend! It's really warm, so warm in fact, that I was a mite uncomfortable at the Mason Dixon knitting event on Sunday. But I will have plenty of use for it this winter.

1. Pocket placement - Did a full repeat of cables before beginning pocket. Also, spaced it a few more inches out on the sides. The pockets are about 5 1/2" long so my hands now fit comfortable inside. Keys fit too.

2. Cable pattern - Added the cable that's on the back, to the front, to even it out because mine is a larger size. Also added in a p1, k1, p1 between all cable sections to differentiate them better.

3. Collar - made it about 1" shorter because I don't like things that close to my neck.

4. Closures - added zipper instead of the buttons.

5. Armholes - did not add the I-cord border. This may change later, but for now it stays as is.

6. Knit this in one piece instead of 3. Added on faux seems with a p1.

7. I twisted the cables a row sooner for a tighter cable.

Something to think about for a next time (if there is one):

  • Cast on provisionally. That way you won't have to pick up stitches later for the I-cord, just "unzip" the provisional cast on.
  • Knit pockets in the round. After picking up the stitches and making the "hem" for the outter pocket, keep the stitches on the needles, pick up the stitches for the other side of the pocket, and knit in the round until desired length. Finishing can be done by either 3 needle BO, grafting or just sewing.
  • Don't have the I-cord going all the way up the collar. It makes it stiff and uncomfortable on the neck.
Here's a bad photo of me in the finished vest. Yeah, I do need to clean my mirror. If I ever get better photos, I'll post them instead.

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Kathy said...

I absolutely love it! Especially the modifications, it makes me want to rip mine out and start again to match what you've done. I really like the idea of working the entire garment in the round! It's beautiful, and your work is wonderful!!!