Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Going Around In Circles

I'm home sick, went home early yesterday. Another ear infection, this time with a new side effect. When I was staring at the computer screen at work, my eyes suddenly did this little shake/tremble thing where I just could not focus. I had to look away after that.

My co-worker said that she gets that right before a migraine and to take aspirin and caffeine right away. I did do that, but my eyes continued to not cooperate when I wanted to read. Oh, I could look at things, just not focus too well.

Today I mostly feel dizzy with a head ache.

On the plus side, I got lots of knitting done, I suppose I should use my other blog to tell you about that. And yeah, I shouldn't be on the 'puter much to give my eyes a rest. But it's really hard to NOT go online.

This being at home has given me a bit of time to think about what I'd like to do if only I could walk straight and read stuff.

1. Clean my house. Hubby just hasn't gotten the hang of picking up the slack in housekeeping when I'm not well.

2. Do some writing.

3. Put my Operation Christmas Child Boxes together

4. Go buy some more yarn.

5. Start a podcast as the church librarian.

6. Start knitting a new project because I only have my knitting time booked up until the beginning of Christmas.

7. Find a cat to adopt.

8. Figure out how to knit crop circle designs in a purse.

9. Re-organize my books my dewey decimal system.

Can you tell that I'm one skein short of a sweater in some of my thinking?

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