Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pardon Me, the Mason Dixon Knitters Came to Town

But first, the Yarnery Singers...

Singing to the tune of popular songs from Oklahoma, including one about being a ravelry addict. After they were done, Kay & Ann were speechless and fanning themselves.

Lots of knitterly goodness, they had samples from their books that you could look at, touch and inspect the seams of.

Here's Ann & Kay with their alter egos on screen. Which hair do you think looks better on them? (Click on the picture below to see the video on youtube!)

And a wonderful whimsical monkey made its appearance. The person who made it was in the crowd.

N and I both wore our vests, mine was Estes, hers was another from the fall IK. I think we looked like the poster children for the Fall IK issue! The weather was a mite warm, so I shed my vest on the way home. While I was knitting on the February Lady Sweater (what? Did I forget to mention that project here?) someone asked if that was the pattern I was making. She had just made one in the same color. What a small knitting world we live in.

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