Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sayuri, Almost

I've gotten a few more inches knitted on since the photo last night, but otherwise it looks the same. When I tried it on earlier, the waistline seemed too low compared to the photos and other people's projects. My row gauge may be longer.

Instead of ripping, I tried an experiment; a neckband. The pattern doesn't call for one but the neckline seems very open. I decided on seed stitch because it is along the same lines of the linen stitch at the waistline. I did decreases every 3rd row in the V and at each neck edge. I do like it better. For one thing, it did raise the waistline up. And another thing, it filled in some of the open spaces and covered a bit more cleavage. It's chilly in Minnesota, and a woman could catch cold with all that exposed skin.

I think one more skein will do it. It'll be sad to leave this project though. The yarn is so wonderful to work with.

And onto the next project which I have already swatched for. IK is coming out with the winter issue, my copy should come tomorrow. My next project is the Manchester Jacket. Remember the Cardigan for Arwen? Well I started that and I didn't like how the cabling turned out with that yarn, it didn't have much give and looked lumpy and like I didn't know what I was doing (not commenting on the fact that maybe I didn't know what I was doing, it's always the yarn or pattern's fault). Well, the same gauge is needed for this jacket. I think it'll make a great project.

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