Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Knitters Do on Halloween

My LYS, Silver Creek Cabin, had a party on Halloween. What do knitters do on Halloween? Not trick or treat, not ghouly things or even bobbing for apples.

What we did do was knit and wear a bit of knitting on on our heads. Oh, we also had lots of good food too. Can't have a knitting party without food.

Little Bo Peep
Prairie woman and Raggedy Ann, I think.
A couple of improvised Hallowigs.
Skein Head? She won a prize.
Flower Girl or whatever, she also won a prize.

And that, my friends, is what knitters (or the ones I know) do for Halloween. Much better than the other options, right?


Allena said...

oh i love it. I wish i could've gone.
the skein head is the BEST one! i love them all though!

JDai said...

Those photos are the BEST!! It makes me wish that I had visited the yarn shop on Halloween; maybe next year?