Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't Read This if You're Happy

I feel like having a good try. It's been awhile and I think that it's needed every now and then just to cleanse yourself. But of course, it needs a catalyst.

I've been stressed. We have an orientation weekend starting tonight for the India mission trip. My house isn't that clean on a normal basis so I've spent a week or so deep cleaning. On top of that, I've had to try to figure out what we're doing and where, who is staying with who, in addition to whatever else I have to do during that time. Plus, the Christmas Tea is this weekend and I have to decorate a table with things I didn't have (bought quite a bit), find favors, find time to do it, all for just a few hours on Saturday.

I haven't been sleeping well the last two nights. The first time was when I was up late doing the devotional. Last night I found a stray cat who kept yowling at me through the window to be fed. More about the cat later.

I've been a bad aunt. A few years ago, I was supposed to do a photo quilt for my niece and she gave me a photo of her dad (who passed away) and her dressed up. It's the only photo of them two together dressed up and she's getting married on the 20th and wants the picture. I can't find it and I'm heartbroken. I'm disappointing them majorly and I also feel terrible about taking anything away from her wedding day.

Last night with the girl I'm mentoring did not go ideally. The pizza wasn't good, she didn't like the movie, she went home early.

I've found a lump. Which set off a chain reaction for having to go in to get it looked at (next week Friday). We have new insurance and I couldn't go to the clinic I like, so I had to have records transferred and a new doctor.

My body is weak and tired and shaky, it's hard to do anything. I just want to curl up and do nothing.

I feel like Alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month.

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