Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 40 Million Dollar Alpaca

I posted this on my dream journal, but because it's fiber related, I thought that it would be fun to record it here, too.

Last night I dreamt that we were still in the cold war. The family that we quiz with, we saw went down to their shelter at night, just for fun. They even brought their dog with them. Well, that night, the bombs came. Only a few survived. Hardly any animals survived, save the few pets like that family's dog.

I and a guy (I think we were teens) looked at old videos of what happened right before the bombs. We saw this man reach down and pick something up. I knew what he was picking up and putting in his wallet. Though the object was trash, then, it was treasure now. Me and the guy set out to steal the object from the man, who didn't know the treasure he had.

We plotted and searched his room. The man's wallet held the treasure, actually there were 3. He had three lengths of yarn, bundled up and put in 3 different clear pouches in his wallet. I took them then brought them to my dad who was a scientist. He about fell out of his chair. For there were 3 yarn scraps which were alpaca, angora and a wool type. All of these animals became extinct when the bombs came, they were all killed along with any of their fibers. (Never mind the fact that somewhere I'm sure, a yarny has hoarded this stuff underground.)

The significant of the yarn was that it contained DNA of these extinct animals. With these pieces of yarn, they could extract the DNA and find out how to make the animals again.

The alpaca alone was worth 40 million with the other two not too shabby either. We were rich. Most important of all, we had more fiber bearing animals!

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Allena said...

that sounds like a wonderful start to a Sci-Fi knitting book... LOL