Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Craft Room Change

The room is just about organized! All that clutter is basically gone, and you can almost do aerobics in the middle. I do have a few things under the table and in the closet to sort through, but it's all very workable and nice.

On the down side, my husband said, "you have a lot of yarn." I beg to differ. I've been knitting since my pre-teens which makes it....a long time. If I had kept all the yarn I ever had and didn't use, we'd need another house.


angela said...

Good inspiration. I'd not dare take a picture of my studio!

Made by Melissa said...

Wow, that is a fabulous craft room. I wish I had a room of my own for my craft supplies. Instead I have things stuffed in bins and stored in random parts of my home. Your craft room looks very nice and very well organized.