Monday, April 27, 2009

Peeping Squirrel

You know that new favorite store I posted about last time? Well it's also the store that I had the weirdest thing happen in. I went to the Clothes Mentor in MG last weekend. It was a beautiful day out, finally. The front door was open and I walked right in. After finding an armful plus of clothes to try on, I went into a dressing room and locked the door.

I think I was on my first shirt when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. Something had run into my room under the door! I stared down in surprise at the gray squirrel who stared back at me, also looking quite surprised. Faster than I could say "let me take your photo so I can blog about it," it ran out under the door. I blinked, wondering if I'd imagined a squirrel in my dressing room.

Then some women began to scream and said "what was that?" I heard someone say it ran out the door. The door was closed quickly after that.

Well, that seals it for me. If this store is so good that squirrels want to try it out too...well, then. It's still my favorite store.

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