Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vacation - Day 4

I had planned today as my fun day. As if none of the other ones were.

  1. Went garage sailing - got lots of nice loot
  2. Met my triad for lunch
  3. Went to drug store, got cool napkins for the bag lunch and a prescription for you-know-who
  4. Went to yarn shop for, well, yarn. Fell in love with the yarn (pictured above) and promptly bought some and planned a new cardi. Never mind the other unfinished projects.
  5. Went to the grocery store and got stuff for lunches tomorrow
  6. started to pack
  7. prepped some food
  8. Went to small group
  9. Finished packing
  10. Finished food prep for tonight
I still need to paint my toes.

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