Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vacation - Day One

Yesterday was my first day on vacation, at home. I'm taking the week off to try to catch up with the housework, cooking and try to de-stress. So far, I have only accomplished one thing that I had planned - make dinner.

Here's what I did do:

  • Cut coupons & went grocery shopping
  • Made lunch - chicken salad sandwiches from scratch
  • Started a new blog - A Cheaper Shade of Green
  • Washed a lot of dishes
  • Made a double batch of food for dinner and froze half of it
  • Talked and prayed for a friend who is going through a life change decision
  • Spent time with my husband after dialysis
I really did do quite a bit yesterday, although I had wanted to get the house clean and cook 2 meals, that's all. But I have to let go of what I planned to do and rest on what I did. Otherwise I'll stress out on being behind or something.

Today I'm going to see how far I get on cleaning. I also have a lunch date added into the schedule that I didn't plan on earlier. So, que sera, sera!

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