Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

Last weekend, my hubby and I spent 3 lovely nights in southern Minnesota. I'll have more about what we did in my other blog, but here, I wanted to show off my yarny goodness that he got me.

It all started awhile ago when hubby kept asking what I wanted as I gift. I gave him a few ideas:

  • Vera Bradley Purse
  • Yarn, yarn, yarn
  • Jewelry made from recycled knitting needles
  • Jewelry, simple and functional
  • A Kindle (he laughed at that one)
  • A couple books I was eyeing.
He insisted not to get anything for him, he already got some things this last summer. And so, I didn't worry, but I did start on a pair of plain white socks for him. I'm hoping to get them done for his recovery.

And so, I opened my gift...

A huge skein of 1450 yards of Mountain Colors Weaver Wool yarn! I had no idea that it even came this big. This will be perfect for my shawl. I had been trying to get Patty at the yarn shop to help me find yarn, and this is why she was stalling - my hubby had already bought it!

But wait, there's more! Inside the yarn ball, were surprises! Here's hubby helping me, partway through the unwinding (it took awhile).

At the end, he had gotten me:

  • Mega ball of yarn
  • The necklace & bracelet made of recycled knitting needles
  • Cash!
  • A Princess Leia figure (long store of how I felt I got gipped by another little girl who took the LAST Princess Leia figure before I got there and I must have told this story too many times)
  • A silver bracelet he picked out himself, on my wrist
What an awesome husband! Any one of them (besides the Princess Leia figure) would have been fine. But he got me all of these things. I was so overwhelmed. And we had a lovely weekend away. I got to buy more yarn too, but that's another post.

I'm planning on making the shawl starting during his transplant surgery. I only have to wait 1 1/2 weeks!

Does my husband rock, or what?!

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Hege said...

He totally rocks! I'll have to shoe my hubby this ;)
Beutiful yarn!