Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twisted Socks

Meet my newest pair of hand knit socks! The pattern is Knitty Twist Socks from knitty. I was surprised to find that there were less than 100 projects up on ravelry. It's a great toe-up knit, the cabling pattern kept my interest. The yarn was a hand dyed with a Knit Picks sock base, dyed by a fellow raveler.


My feet are a lot shorter than what this pattern was for. I should have done one less diamond section near the toes, but I did the full thing. So when it got to the 2nd chart, I just kept going and made the socks a little longer.

The cabling instructions were fidgety. So I followed what I did for the Printed Silk Cardi:

Right Twist - Knit2tog, then before pulling the new stitch off the right needle, insert the right needle into the 1st stitch and knit it. Pull stitches off left needle.

Left Twist - Knit2tog through he back loops. Before taking the new stitch off the needle, knit into the 2nd stitch again. Pull stitches off left needle.

This seemed a lot less complex and faster than the way the directions were written. But to each their own method!

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