Monday, September 14, 2009

New Plan

If you've been following my blog for some time, you know that I love to make up new plans on what projects I'm going to make and the priority that I have for them. And then, a few weeks or months later, I come back and act like I made no such plan. I go and start more projects that weren't on any list, scrap what I was planning and hide the evidence. Except of course, I had journaled here, so I can't hide ALL the evidence.

I admit it, I'm a flighty knitter.

However, I have made a new plan. Now, before you start laughing and making snide comments, this one is different - really!

Lately, I've just been tired of having a craft room that no longer has a clear path and I can't find what I need. I have too much yarn that I have no love for anymore. Plus, there are some patterns that I have been wanting to make for awhile and just have not been able to get to it because I am a flighty knitter.

Last weekend I pulled down 2 boxes and 1 large bags of yarn to get rid of. I'm currently in the process of listing it all as a destash on ravelry. I also identified patterns that I truly do want to make and am tired of putting off. I am keeping any yarns that I need for those patterns, of course.

What I have left on my shelves for yarn are the ones that I need, the truly yummy that I want to keep and some souvenier yarns. It feels good to have that sorted out!

And here are the patterns that I would like to or need to do next:

1. Pair of socks for my prayer swap partner (in process)
2. Blanket for niece for wedding (need pattern & yarn)
3. Pair of socks promised to husband (need pattern & yarn)
4. February Lady Sweater (will use the sublime)
5. African Adventure Bag (have the Kauni, this may be a fair project)
6. Milkweed Shawl (using the WM)
7. Baby Surprise Jacket to try the pattern (have the yarn & pattern)
8. Ogee Tunic (need yarn)
9. Rivendell sock (have yarn and pattern)

I really hope I can stick to this list because I think I need to. The good thing about this is that if an irresistable pattern comes along, I can fit it in between the others. The only things that are must knits are 1-3. And yeah, don't mention the fact that I said I don't knit for gifts anymore. I guess I'll eat my words.

Wish me luck!


Mandy said...

Your new plan sounds really sensible. Good luck with makig it all work.
I am interested to see which pattern you choose for your husband. I haven't made anything for my own for rather too long now so I was thinking a pair of socks for his walking boots would be useful and get used.
My dear husband keeps all the jumpers I have knit him for "best", so they very rarely wear out. (We have been married for over thirty years.)They do get worn in the winter, though. I once had a request to reknit a favourite jumper in the same colours as before. This was not easy since I could no longer get hold of the Pingouin yarn used for the orginal polo neck sweater and had to find a substitute of similar quality.

Michelle Darensbourg said...

Off the knitting topic(kinda) for a minute.....saw your wishlist on Ravelry....Have you tried almond milk? Won't spike your blood sugar. For a dessert what about Coconut Bliss? It is sweetened with agave to give it a low glycemic index. :)