Monday, September 14, 2009

Not So Simple

I was snuggling up to my husband the other night, just loving the companionable comfort of one another in a plantonic way. The phrase of "simple joys of life" went through my head. And then I thought, "simple? there's nothing simple about this joy!"

I started thinking of the joys that I have and have had and tried to find one that was "simple." I couldn't. As a result, I don't think that there is such a thing as a simple joy. The are all complicated!

Case in point, my above mentioned snuggle with my husband. Though the moment seemed simple, there was a lot that led up to that point. First, we had to meet, then date and fall in love. Then hash out ourselves in marriage. The peace and comfort I find in just being together, in being totally comfortable has been built on years of WORK. There is nothing simple about the joy that results because of it.

The same thing can be said about my relationship with God, it's not simple either. It's taken me many more years of learning about Him, myself, in trial and error. When I come to those moments of pure joy, they are not simple.

Joy is beginning to take on a new meaning to me as well.

At first I thought it was a feeling, first and foremost. That if you try hard enough to have joy (which as a good Christian you should have) then voila.

Then, I thought that joy was a response to what has been happening in life. It was a feeling that came upon me when everything lined up, like planets in a certain formation.

But now, I think that joy is more all of this but more complex. Joy is when you've worked on something; a part of your life, a relationship, a project. And then you learn to trust it, to love it and be content at where you are in it. Even if you're not doing good, have a lot more to do, you accept it all and yourself just as it is right then.

That's when Joy comes for me.

Joy is a fruit that blossoms after a season of growth and change.


Crystal said...

comment above from bradymom29 (in case you didn't figure it out!)

Crystal said...

I love finding out that people I know from Rav have a faith relationship with God as well. What a lovely post & nice to know where your heart is! Hugs!!