Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Goals

A little change in the Feb goals. Instead of the craft room, I'm switching it to the bedroom. We need to rearrange it, and may as well clean it out at the same time. I will do the craft room in March.

From Feb 1-7, I will do the normal cleaning:
- kitchen
- living room
- entry way & stairs
- bathrooms
- dusting/vacuuming, etc.

My week is busy, I have something going every night but Wednesday and Friday, but then I'll have the weekend. Boy, does the house need it, though! I'm so glad that I put in time to do regular cleaning each month so I'd feel less split between which things to do next.

Updated list:
January - upstairs bathroom, hallway, entryway
February - upstairs bedroom
March - craft room
April - laundry room
May - garage
June - downstairs bedroom
July - downstairs closet under the stairs
August - downstairs living room
September - downstairs bathroom & area outside by furnace/hot water heater
October - office
November - kitchen
December - upstairs living room and hall closet

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