Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting My Feet Wet

Tonight, I started on the bathroom cupboards. There are 4 of them and 4 drawers. I got through 2 cupboards and 1 drawer. Once I got to it, the cleaning seemed easy. I ruthlessly threw away things like expired beauty products, empty boxes, I even found a plastic grocery bag! It was hard work, I tell ya. So many treasures thrown in the trash (can you hear the sarcasm?).

Now, I have a little pile of papers to take to the pile up until November, I think. I also have a bag of magazines that I am giving away to the local senior center - Martha Stewart, Victoria, etc.

Garbage & Recyclabes = 11#
Giveaways = 6#

House has lost a total of 17# in one night! Oh, it's on it's way now to a more svelte shape. Pretty soon I will have to buy it new clothes (oh, I did that tonight, or was that for me?), accessories and it may even get a little vain. But one step at a time, house. The bathroom has just gotten started.

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