Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stay Out of My Drawers

Tonight, I have completed part of my project. The bathroom cabinets and drawers have been cleaned up! I found so many fun things. Among the strange ones:

  • A bottle of bluing liquid
  • spindle of CD's
  • 5 credit card offers
  • Milk glass
  • AOL CD in a tin
Doesn't everyone need these things in their bathroom?

I got rid of:
8#'s of garbage & recyclables
9#'s of stuff for charity
= 17 pounds gone

I now I have 1 empty shelf, 1 mostly empty shelf, it is just holding some vases and frames until they find a permanent home, 1 empty drawer. So nice to have some extra room! If I can get my act together, I may start on the closet next. It's a bit intimidating.

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