Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to Make a Magic Ball of Yarn

First, assemble a skein of yarn and an assortment of items. I prefer to have a medium weight yarn. Lace or sock weight will have you at this forever. Bulky may not be enough to wrap - unless you have more than one skein. I like to have 7-15 items, depending on what the person likes.

Wrap the bulkiest or roundest object first. Whatever you think may be harder to wrap in later. I chose the
candle tart.

Next, I wrapped in a package of needle point protectors. Notice that I don't completely cover each item with yarn. That's because I would run out of yarn if I did so. And also, it's fun as you unwrap to see things peeking out.

A bag of tea is next. I also wrapped in the shawl pin early on. Partly because it will be harder to wrap in later. And mostly because I think it will be fun to have it peeking out at the giftee while unwrapping mot of the ball. Sort of like a teaser.

A piece of candy and a stitch marker were added.

Another tip: try not to put scented things next to candy. Unless of course they are wrapped and sealed. Also, if you put things like liquids or chocolate, make sure to wrap them up tight in case they melt or leak.

More candy, and another angle. See how the shawl pin peeks out?

Another bag of tea.

Tip: Make sure to pace yourself with wrapping. Depending on the yardage of the yarn and items you have - you may have more or less yarn wrapped around each item.

And another piece of candy.

A pair of stitch markers - the brown ones at the bottom. I wrapped the cardboard label that it was attached to securely, and let them dangle. The markers will be wrapped in as more yarn is wrapped.

Tip: Just as any yarn ball, alternate the way you wrap the yarn.
A snowflake is added.

The Knit Fix key chain is added in. Also, I saved a bit of yarn left so that most everything would be wrapped securely. And voila! The yarn ball is finished.
Each MBOY is unique. Some are shaped like balls, some are quite awkward. There are many more things to think about for different situations! Please feel free to post your tips and links to your MBOYs too!


Jackie said...

A great idea, and a unique way to add interest to a variety of small gifts. I'm going to set about making one to send to a friend of mine.

SpindleJigs said...

Thank You for the tutorial, I just finished my first magic yarn ball and I may have a new hobby!

Mutuelle sante said...

Thank you so much it has been a great guide, now to make a magic ball of yarn is simple by using your tips. Kudos