Monday, February 8, 2010

Interim House Knitting Ladies

New thing for the New Year! When I add a blog to the sidebar that I like, I'll post a little bit about it.

Awhile back, I listened to a Cast on Podcast and Brenda Dayne talked about a place called Interim House and that you can donate your yarn. There was a story about someone who donated some yarn that was moth eaten but someone was desperate enough to tie it together and knit with it.

Here's info about the Interim House from their site:

Interim House Inc. is a 6 month drug and alcohol residential and outpatient program for women located in Philadelphia. In 2004, Interim House began a knitting program that has been very sucessful. Because of the community's response in donating yarn and needles we thought that having a blog would be a way to showcase our projects and express our thanks. Yarn donations are always welcome, appreciated, and put to good use.

Welcome to my sidebar, Interim House! I hope to have a box of yarns going to you soon.

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