Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crashed Diet

Well, like any diet, this one has crashed a bit. Notice me not posting for awhile? anyway, work did get underway even if I wasn't posting. My husband helped me to rearrange some rooms and clean up places that weren't exactly in the order that I had planned. But I am very off course and probably won't be able to catch back up to the old plan.

So there must be a new plan.

I have still been dreaming of heading off in an RV or maybe a houseboat and just traveling. After being gone for 10 days on a vacation, I really did not want to go home. I wanted to just keep going and see where the road would take us.

The next plan, I believe, will involve some preparations for getting ready to be more minimalist. Right now, the thought of downsizing to an RV is very daunting. But with some sorting through, maybe we can make it one step closer. And if we never do the RV thing, at least we've unburdened our lives a little.

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