Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Running with the Dead

Last Monday I went to a local cemetery to run around. It's a nice quiet place and no one hardly goes there. I'll be able to look silly all by myself. I used a podcast for the 5K training so I didn't need a watch. Just listen, and change pace when it tells me to.

First lap...hey, I didn't realize that the backs of the houses were so close to the cemetery. Lo and behold, there's a guy out on his deck, watching me. We wave. Next house, a dog barks, the owner comes out to look. I sure hope they don't tell me I shouldn't be running here.

After a few laps, I'm too tired and sweaty to care. The deck guy went inside and the other guy is puttering in his yard. A lady shouts from her house. "How many steps around is it? Is it a mile?"

The yard guy, "it's 32 rounds for you."

I laugh and tell them that I have no idea. I'd rather not know how many steps or how many times around is a mile. Perhaps it's not so bad to have people see me work out.

And I almost made it through the whole thing. The last 3 parts were not the best. I copped out about 10 seconds short, and the last run part I walked. But it was more than I had done before. GO ME!

Today is my 2nd training workout this week. My quads have been sore and I've been dreading it. But I have to get up and going. And to show how fearless I am today - I'm going to just run around my neighborhood.

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Sparkee Spud said...

I'm proud of you for doing this. There are a couple people in my office that walk up at our cemetary. They say it's quite and perfect for walking.