Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tonight, I ran the whole stinking workout. Ok, so it isn't all running, what I mean is, that I didn't cop out on any of the runs. They were all at least 60 seconds worth.

Hubby and I set out around our neighborhood. It was a nice night, a little humid but hey, it's Minnesota. We had a 2 min walk between runs 4 & 5 and I had to rest my foot (it got numb) before #6, but I did the whole thing. No, it's not perfect, but I ran as much as they told me, I just rested a little more than prescribed. One more training session like this on Friday and then it steps up.

Tomorrow is rest day, of which I am very ready for. I'm also hungry a lot. It's not the low blood sugar kind of hungry that makes me feel like a boneless chicken. It's my stomach being grouchy and wanting food! I take this as a good sign.

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