Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Ok, nix the blood part unless you count...oh never mind. But I had the other two nicely in hand earlier this evening.

Back up to last week. I did the barefoot running thing and felt great the day after. Luckily I went away for the weekend and had no time or space to train. My feet felt oddly...odd. Sore in places and stressed from the run. To sum up, I think that I need to go at it slower to work up to full barefoot running.

Yesterday I ran out of steam before I was supposed to run. Yes, the key word is "supposed to." In my weak defense, I was on a new BP med and it made me tired and lethargic. But I also didn't push myself to run at all. So I vowed that the next day I would run and that I would just be a day off this week.

Which brings us to tonight.

I am on Week 3b; 90 sec walk, 90 sec run, 3 min walk, 3 min run, repeat. Earlier I had thought that the instructions said "5 min run" and panicked, so the 3 min looked fairly easy in retrospect. The first time through, I had to pause and take out my Tacco insoles as they were hurting my arches. I like the treadmill because of this; that I can shuck clothes or whatnot that's not working as I go.

The second 3 minute run I struggled with. I kept psyching myself out by saying that I was strong and that this was a piece of cake and that pain was just weakness going away. It worked! Filling my head up with all that stuff and pushing myself past the pain in my feet helped me to finish well. I really didn't think I could do it.

After the 3 min run, I kept walking, hung onto the rails and tears fell. I felt this rush of accomplishment and well-being that I couldn't help but weep with joy. I pushed passed my barriers and I had done my most running yet; 9 minutes.


On a side note, a friend said that someday, with running, I will no longer need to worry about BP meds. Yay!

On another note, I am reading a lot of running books; how-to's, stories of, etc., so it helps me psyche up to a run.

I really want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon.


Did I just say I WANTED TO RUN? The mind boggles.

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