Wednesday, August 25, 2010

105 Seconds

Took a 2 hour nap and there went my running time.

Tuesday morning, 7am
"I think I'll run later today," I said to her husband." He smile/laughed.

"You already delayed your run by a day," said a little voice."

"Hrmpphhh," I said as I rolled out of bed.

And so, I found myself, groggy, with a pair of running shoes on (and clothes of course), stumbling around the neighborhood. I usually try to smile or not to grimace when cars go by so that people don't think I'm in pain, or that they think exercise is bad. I couldn't muster more than an un-frown that morning.

On the first run, I decided to see if I could push myself past my Twilight Zone of 90 seconds. So I shuffle ran, sometimes not going faster than walking. At 90 seconds my legs said, "done!" But I told them to keep going, and so they grumbled along for another 15 seconds until I relented.

I did it!

But I didn't do it again then. The first run of the week I'm making an easier run, so I let my other runs be easy. I maybe ran for about 5 minutes during the 25 min workout. By the time I got home, I was awake and almost able to smile.

I'm so tagging this as Progress, because I need all I can get.

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