Monday, August 30, 2010

And Then I Woke Up

Last night I dreamt that I was walking along and all of a sudden, just started running. It was smooth and easy, like flying. The path turned into a tunnel and I needed to bend and run while part of my body was sideways. But it was beautiful!

And then I woke up.

Had to take the dog out to do his duty (which involved avoiding the step that broke last night on the deck, setting the dog down and watching helplessly as he slipped off and fell on the rocks [he's just fine] and feeling a little traumatized being half awake and it seeming all a dream).

By the time I hit the pavement, I had a head ache and was grumpy. I had routed a new way which took me alongside the highway. There is a strip of ground along the highway that is dirt so I thought it would be good to have a softer ground to run on. There were a lot of cars and I felt very self-conscious. But I did run about 90 seconds along the busy road. I had decided to do 6 minutes of running, so I was pacing myself.

On a stretch of road that goes by Darrel's, I started a driveway in and ran the whole thing! About 2 minutes of running, my longest of the day. Each run was a struggle at about 30-60 seconds in and then I'd play mind games and try to think of something else. I know that I'm building endurance and muscle, it's just a slower process than I originally thought it would be.

Now I'm grumpy and tired and am craving caffeine. Pass the endorphins, please!

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