Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

As I progress, I'm adding bits of things to help along the way. If I added them all at once, I'd get overwhelmed and most likely be paralyzed and paranoid about how I run. However, I think what would be important to know, would be if I'm in my target heart rate zone when out running around. This may be the key to having my training sessions be more effective and thusly, better results. So I googled.

Discovery Health - 93 to 138
American Heart Association - 93–157, Max 185
The Walking Site - referred to the karvonen formula found here. It requires some planning ahead and seems like the most sensible way to figure it out. The Walking Site also has a percentage range for your heart rate.
fitsugar - 93-157, max 185 (echo)
Fitwatch - calculates from resting hear rate - 184 (must be the running around with the puppy I just did) - 92-100

Talk about getting a complex, when all I want to do is find my target heart rate! If I do the averages though, it should be about 93 - 147. I guess that I'll probably stick to the low to middle end for now and see how it goes.

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